1999 Hungary


castLe near Lake Balaton

I found our host Andras thru a Budapest University astro connection. I met astronomer Perry Hacking at the Baja eclipse. He sadly had just had a failed space mission he created & invested years captaining, so I told him to rally & meet me in Hungary —
we are going!

Mission: To bag eclipse #4, first with partner Perry.  

Posse: Michael Aisner, Dr. Perry Hacking, host Andreas Szell, Stewart L. Foehl 

Contact: September 8, 1999

Path: Europe

Eclipse Base: At a 1000 year-old castle near Lake Balaton, Hungary  

Weather: Crystal clear


Awakened middle of night by thunderous claps & lightning, TORRENTIAL rain -- oh no!  Perry rejiggered our plan, pouring over maps to sent us north to this ancient castle way high on a hill, where he, andras, stewart & I set up.  


below us -- some bizarre noisy ritual -- weird costumes & a massive python.  and then....it all went silent except for ahhhh's.  The last 30 seconds CHILLING as the light dumped ACROSS the scape & STEWART jumped.  

We got this one!


PERFECT DAY                      What a CREW!  

Photos: Michael Aisner & eclipse shot from Perry Hacking.