5,786 miles from Boulder — so far my longest travel to the shadow! And this a TOTAL adventure!! And it was all about my EXCELLENT couch surfer host Ravil Akhmedov! I slept on a Soviet army cot, he took the week off and we scouted this insanely placid Lake Ab, and then....CLOUDLESS SKIES!

novosibirsk #8

Mission: The Siberian Shadow

Posse: Michael (USA), Ravil Akhmedov (Kazack) Novosibisk, Yury Zavarin (Russian) Moscow.

Contact: August 1, 2008

Path: Arctic, Russia, Siberia, China

Our Eclipse Base: Lake Ab, Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia

Weather: perfect

day before, got in ravil's little soviet car, headed out to find the PERFECT vantage right ON centerline.  we burrowed into a forest on a sINGLE track to a CLEARING right on the shore of rippleless lake ab.  what? mad PERFECTION!  zero humanity!  

ravil strips, heads to chill in heavenly lake, i scouted. eclipse morning it was all ours & cloudless!   paradise with the fun kazak.  

WHAT A PERFECT DAY.             What a CREW!  


It all started in Moscow with my most fine comrade host Yury Zavarin.

AEROplaned  --> Novosibirsk Siberia into care of

host Ravil Akhmedov.

MDA snaps.